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SSCC Secular Branch

Congregation of the Sacred Hearts

Fr. Mike Barry is a professed member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts and also a priest of the same Congregation. The Congregation was founded in 1800 by Father Josef Marie Coudrin and Mother Aymer de la Chevalerie. It was founded at a time when logically, it should not be founded, and that was during the French Revolution. It grew rapidly and had many members. Currently, it has close to 2,000 members worldwide. It has both male and female professed members. 

From its inception, it was prayed up by laypeople who formed and association. The lay support has always been present, and in 1993 that lay association developed and had approved by the Vatican their own Statutes. There are currently lay communities of the SSCC throughout the world. These communities with legitimate approval are known as the Secular Branch of the SSCC Congregation. The initials are an acronym for Sacre Coeur, Sacre Couer. That is the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. 

The distinct charism of that Congregation is ‘the love in the heart of Jesus as modeled by Mary”. The unique spirituality of the Sacred Hearts is practicing in devotion by especially in Adoration and Reparation. Membership in the Secular Branch is open to all baptized laypeople. One has to apply to an established Secular Branch Community enter into a formation program of one year and then make a commitment. There are many reasons to belong:

  • It has a spirituality for our time.
  • It connects us with a praying community.
  • It teaches us about adoration and helps us to practice it.
  • It teaches about reparation and uniting ourselves with Colossians 1,23 which asks us to make up what is missing in the sufferings of Christ, the church

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Recruitment (4/27/00; Revised 9/30/15)

Each Sector will monitor the pace of recruitment based on the Leadership’s ability to manage and implement Initial Formation. While we will not close the door to recruitment, we will not encourage “Information Days” every year. Information brochures will continue to be available to all who are interested.

Screening of Candidates (4/27/00; Revised 9/30/15)

Every candidate will be able to meet the following requirements:

  1. Mature lay Catholic (18 years or older)
  2. Baptized and confirmed
  3. Willingness to learn the spirituality of the Sacred Hearts (CC.)
  4. Willingness to participate in a ministry in the spirit of the SS.CC. Charism
  5. Submission and approval of registration form; approval of which is subject to the mutual fit of the candidate and community, determined by the SB Community Leader, Sector Coordinator and Religious Mentor.

Basic Formation Program (4/27/00; Revised 3/7/01, 2/7/06)

Categories are required and depth of content is based on formation level (candidate, 1-year member, 3-year member). Candidate’s program is a minimum of 18 SESSIONS.

    Catechism Refresher (Trinity)
    Sacraments Refresher
    Nature of the Church (Vatican II & Bishops Documents) Image of God
    Mary the Mother of God
    Parts of the Mass and understanding
    Founders (Life of the Good Mother and Good Father)
    Deeper study of the Founder’s
    SS.CC. origins to the local areas
    History of the Secular
    Men & Women of the SS.CC.
  1. CHARISM (*)
    Roots of the Charism
    SS.CC. Spirituality (e.g. 4 Ages of Jesus, Consecration)
    Eucharistic Adoration/Celebration Reparation
    Family Spirit
    Solidarity with poor
    Proclaim God’s love
  1. MISSION (*) Contemplate Live
  1. MINISTRY OF CC. SB (*) (e.g. Sacred Hearts Enthronement)
  2. BIBLE BASICS -ongoing (*)
    Parts of the Bible
    How to read the Bible (author, context)
    How to use the Bible
    Focus on Covenants
  1. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS -ongoing (L) Communication (active listening)
    Conflict resolution
    Group dynamics
    Leadership Training (e.g. facilitation)
  1. PRAYER IN OUR LIFE (*) Personal prayer
    Communal Prayer
    Liturgy of the Hours
  1. SECULAR PROGRAM OF LIFE (L) Prayer life
    Communal Life
    Apostolic life
    Skills for ministry
    Study of social issues
    Internal and International Solidarity
    Organization Membership Formation